Origami on the Web

      As you probably already know, paperfolding has carved itself quite a little niche in the Internet. You can find Web-based origami supply stores selling books, paper, and other origami products; there are origami newsgroups and online chats; there is a Yahoo Club dedicated to origami; there is a popular origami email list, with members spread across the globe; origami organizations both in the US and abroad have Web sites; and there are over a hundred origami Web pages, located on computers all around the world. In fact, a search for the word 'origami' at finds over a hundred thousand Web pages!

      Hopefully this area of the site will give you a glimpse into what other origami resources are available on the Web. I certainly can't promise that I've listed every origami Web site. However, I welcome your input! If you have found an origami-related site which you think should be listed on my site, please let me know!

Origami Organizations

(international organizations as well as groups in the U.S.)

Personal Origami Pages

(some of the hundreds of personal origami pages on the Web)

Places to Buy Books & Supplies

(origami supply stores, as well as places to get books)

Here are a few other origami sites and origami-related sites that you might enjoy: offers a large variety of software, including origami software for beginners. You can learn more about it, or purchase it.

At Jorge Rezende's Puzzles with Polyhedra and Numbers, you can print copies of polyhedron puzzles (for non-commercial purposes only), as well as read several mathematical articles on the subject.

The Search Party
Lots of unique backgrounds patterns which you can print out an use for origami paper. A wide range of subjects including animals, birds, fishing, baseball, flowers etc.

Michi Online is a journal of Japanese cultural arts featuring articles on Japan's arts and methods of personal growth, as well as links to various other Japanese cultural resources - official web site for Kodansha International documenting the best in Japanese culture, including Language, Martial Arts, Home & Gardens, Hobbies, Travel, Cooking, Art and Literature. offers you a portal to the world of Asian arts and crafts-where you can see and purchase unique and wonderful items.

Fudejiya is a Japanese calligraphy shop owned by Japanese calligrapher Shinsyu Narita. Fudejiya sells original brush character goods for this style of handwriting.

Tamara Tamsin is an artist whose works include installations, flat works, as well as video and sound. One of her installations, Funagata (2002), features origami boats.

The Sennin Foundation Center for Japanese Cultural Arts contains information about classes in traditional Japanese systems of yoga, healing arts, martial arts, and fine arts (calligraphy/painting and flower arrangement). 2012