Origami Supply Stores

Kim's Crane Origami Supplies and Crafts 
Kim's Crane is an origami supply business managed by a husband and wife team. Their goal is to provide the origami community with the most extensive on-line selection of Origami papers, books (both English and non-English titles), video tapes, and related items at some of the lowest prices available. You can purchase all of their products online with your credit card.

The Sasuga Japanese Bookstore 
Sasuga Japanese Bookstore is a specialty bookstore that features Japanese books, magazines, manga, software, laser discs, compact discs, and books about Japan in English. If you need a Japanese origami book, you can probably find it at Sasuga.

paper jadePaper Jade 
Paper Jade is an online supply store for "extraordinary origami papers". They carry a wide variety of high-quality washi, and a few types of the less-expensive factory-made papers. They keep their prices as low as possible, and run great specials.

The Paper Crane - Origami Jewelry, Ornaments, and Mobiles 
The Paper Crane features origami earrings, pins, ornaments, and mobiles. The artist, Miya Cline, lives in Hardwick, Vermont, and views folding as a meditative technique.

Japanese Paper & Origami Supplies 
Japanese Paper & Origami Supplies is an e-retailer of origami paper and other supplies based in Sydney, Australia. Created by a folder for the folders, they carry a wide range of origami papers plus a selection of origami books and Japanese washi. They ship anywhere in the world and international orders are tax-free (a 10% discount).

Style of 
Style of features fine traditional handmade Japanese papers such as Yuzen Washi Paper, Chiyogami, Origami Paper, Lamp Shade Paper, and Shoji Paper.

We Are Paper

We Are Paper 
We Are Paper provides handmade paper from 100% recycled cotton remnants. Some paper is decorated as well, with flower petals, jute, silk, wool, grass, and straw.

Pliega Ediciones Pliega Ediciones is a small publishing house for Spanish origami books. They now offer online sales!

Terry Olsen's Origami Ark 
Terry Olsen sells a variety of both original models and models created by John Montroll. The models are also colorfully decorated.


Azumatec Creations 
Azumatec uses Japanese Yuzen paper to transform traditonal Origami Cranes into modern and fashionable earrings. They make fancy utility drawers as well, also using Yuzen paper. They call their merchandise "Origamy", and all designs are handcrafted and available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Sho Creations 
Sho Creations offers miniature origami collectibles displayed in a glass container. Models include cranes, butterflies, frogs, dolphins, peacocks, and more.

Lotus Entertain You

Lotus Entertain You 
Lotus Entertain You is an award-winning card designer based in Jupiter, Florida. They design greeting cards, fold-out cards, invitations, business cards, as well as origami flowers and flower arrangements.

Il Papiro - Made in Firenze

Il Papiro - Made in Firenze 
Il Papiro Firenze offers handmade paper, produced with the finest Florentine craftsmanship. Their supply includes letter paper, note cards, envelopes, stationery, and other items such as agendas, diaries, photo albums, picture frames, and a variety of desktop accessories. Il Papiro Firenze has 18 shops world-wide, with three in the United States - New York, Los Angeles, and Palm Beach. specializes in designing luxury origami paper, giftboxes, animals, and more. Created by Cindy Ng, the company can be found making appearances at events around California.

Classic Cranes: The Art of Paper Cranes 
Classic Cranes will fold and mount 1001 origami cranes for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other important events.

CloudRunner, Inc. 
Check out the CD-ROM entitled "Origami-The Secret Life of Paper" which is available for the Mac as well as Windows 3.1 and Windows '95. Robert Lang and Peter Engel both worked on this CD-ROM!

Janet Hamilton's List of Origami Sources 
With the help of the many members of the origami email list, Janet Hamilton has compiled a list of origami stores, suppliers, and publishers across the United States and around the world! This is a great resource, complete with addresses, phone numbers, and even Web sites!

Sandra Wambold's List of Origami Ships and Suppliers 
Sandra has compiled a list of origami sources in the United States as well as some stores in Canada, England, Belgium, and Spain.

Other Bookstores 
Probably the most well-known Web-based business in existence, a quick search here finds over 300 books with the keyword "origami". 
Borders Bookstore also offers a large array of origami books, with nearly 300 titles matching the keyword "origami". 2012

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