While origami enthusiasts may tell you, "I own every origami book", the truth is that there are many hundreds of origami books, on all different levels and in many different languages. More recent books focus not only on diagrams for models, but origami as an art form, as depicted through beautiful photographs, or origami as a creative process, through a study of the model design process. Some books may be difficult or even impossible to find, while others may be only a click away at your local Internet bookstore. Regardless, you can be sure that there plenty of origami books which will suit your needs and your skill level.


     One interesting approach to looking for the right book is to search a model database which contains entries for thousands of models, in hundreds of books. Below is a link to just such a search:

Search for models in origami books is for those students who need writing help online.

These are models from four John Montroll books: Origami for the Enthusiast,Animal Origami for the Enthusiast, Origami Sculptures, and Prehistoric Origami.(52K)

Here is another view, of that same display. (141K)

This is a display of models from Origami Sea Life by John Montroll and Robert Lang. This book includes a history of origami sea life and such models as a murex, cuttlefish, chambered nautilus shell, blue shark, blackdevil angler, sea urchin, various crabs, and a lobster! (68K)

Here is the front cover of Origami Insects and Their Kin by Robert Lang (this page shows most of the models from the book). Every model in this book is a challenge, so I would recommend it only for advanced paperfolders.

John Montroll's Bringing Origami to Life (ISBN 0-486-40714-4) focuses on the technique of wet-folding and applying this technique to various animal models with three-dimensional characteristics. Model difficulties range from easy to high intermediate.


Fumiaki Kawahta's Origami Fantasy also gets it's own page. This book features some of the most complex origami models I have ever folded, including a pegasus and an incredibly life-like stegosaurus!

Francis Ow's Origami Hearts (ISBN 0-87040-957-3) has lots of great heart-related models, such as heart sunglasses, heart picture frames, and heart modulars to name a few.

3-D Geometric Origami; Modular Polyhedra by Rona Gurkewitz and Bennett Arnstein (ISBN 0-486-28863-3) is full of polyhedra and various other three-dimensional modulars. Literally thousands of models can be created from this book, such as a dodecahedron flower ball, a stellated octahedron, and a dimpled dodecahedron ball. Check out Rona Gurkewitz' Modular Origami Polyhedra Systems Page! 2012